Tasmania AAIMH Branch

The beginnings of the Tasmanian AAIMH Branch

The Tasmanian Branch of AAIMH was a long time in the making with several key people in Tasmania over the years identifying the need for a Tasmanian based Branch but momentum to get it off the ground was difficult. In 2019 after several hallway discussions and emails between Caroline Diamond, Naomi Thomas and Fiona Judd it was decided that for awareness of infant mental health to advance in our State it was essential we form a local AAIMH Branch, as had all other States of Australia decades ago. With the generous assistance of AAIMH National Chairperson Gally McKenzie, the Tasmania Branch was established in July 2019 with the appointment of an interim inaugural Committee of Caroline Diamond as President, Naomi Thomas as Secretary and Membership Secretary, and Fiona Judd as Treasurer. The role of Branch Representative to the National AAIMH Board was shared between Caroline and Naomi.

The Tasmanian Branch first came together on the 12th August 2019 when a group of twenty of us gathered to watch and reflect on the movie Babies. On the 7th of November 2019 the Branch had its official launch with a dinner event opened by the Commissioner for Children and Young Persons, Leanne McLean, and keynote presentation by Professor Louise Newman on The Impact of Early Relational Trauma.

In 2019-2020 the membership body of the Tasmanian Branch tripled.

We are hopeful to continue to grow our membership base in the years ahead and welcome new members to join the Branch.

Key Focus:

The key focus of the Tasmanian AAIMH Branch is to promote and advocate for the social and emotional world of infants, young children and their families in Tasmania.

Aims of Tasmanian AAIMH Branch:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of the ‘first 1000 days’  i.e. of the time in utero and the first two years for optimal neurological, psychological and social development and long-term mental wellbeing
  • Advocate for the development and expansion of services to enhance the mental health of infants, young children and their families
  • To be an interdisciplinary organisation of professionals across Tasmania enabling opportunities for collaboration in professional development, education and research
  • To provide training opportunities for professionals working in this field in Tasmania, including finding ways to make these accessible to rural based workforce



Updated : 20th Nov 2021