Strategic Plan 

AAIMH WA's Management Committee and Competency Guidelines Working Group have developed a Strategic Plan for 2016-2020.

The Plan provides a clear direction for our Association, keeping members needs as the key priority.

AAIMH WA recognises the need to assist families to build nurturing and strong relationships with their infants and young children. Our role is also to give voice to the experiences of infants and young children.

The Plan provides strategies across four key areas:

1. Membership

2. Professional Development

3. Advocacy and Promotion

4. Organisational Capacity and Sustainability.

AAIMH WA is facilitating the implementation of the identified strategies in collaboration with the membership.

Our Vision Statement is:

The Western Australian community nurtures and delights in all infants and young children, respecting and safeguarding them while valuing and supporting their families.

Read the Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Note: AAIMH WA was known as AAIMHI WA at the time of writing the Strategic Plan in 2016.