2018 AAIMH National Speaker Tour

AAIMH hosted a National Tour in September 2018
with Associate Professor Nancy Suchman PhD

Monday 3rd September - Brisbane
 Wednesday 5th September - Sydney

Friday 7th September - Adelaide


Theoretical and Clinical Foundations 


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Dr. Suchman’s research integrates perspectives from attachment theory, neuroscience of addiction and developmental psychopathology. Funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1995, her research has focused on developing and evaluating attachment-based parenting interventions for mothers with substance use and psychiatric disorders. In 2015, she completed the second randomized clinical efficacy trial testing the efficacy of Mothering from the Inside Out, a mentalization based psychotherapy that aims to promote maternal reflective functioning - the capacity to make sense of and manage emotional distress in difficult parenting situations and to make sense of young children's emotional needs in order to promote secure attachments. 

Nancy has a wealth of publications in peer reviewed journals. A list of these publications can be found via her biography on the Yale School of Medicine website here

Two of her recent papers are:

Mothering From the Inside Out: Results of a second randomized clinical trial testing a mentalization-based intervention for mothers in addiction treatment. Suchman NE, DeCoste CL, McMahon TJ, Dalton R, Mayes LC, Borelli J.  Development and Psychopathology 2017 May  29(2):617-636   see abstract

Mothering from the Inside out: A Mentalization-Based Therapy for Mothers in Treatment for Substance Misuse. Nancy Suchman. ZERO TO THREE, v37 n3 p35-40 Jan 2017  see abstract