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The use of Marte Meo in the Nurse Family Partnership Program in Norway  

Date:       Thursday 14th December 2023
Time:        9.30am- 12.30pm  
 (South Australia local time)            
Venue:     Glenelg Surf Life Saving Club, The Foreshore, Glenelg

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th December 2023

About the Presenter

Kristin Lund, Marte Meo Licensed Supervisor, Norway

Kristin is a Marte Meo Licensed Supervisor and has used video as a tool to help families since the 1990s. She has worked at different children’s homes, including Aline Infant Center, which admits families with children aged 0-2 years for assessment and follow-up. She has also been working in children’s homes for children aged 2-12 years and at youth home for people aged 12-18 years.

Following several years of institutional work, she transitioned to outpatient care, first at the Educational Psychological Service for 9 years, and then in child and adolescent psychiatry until she commenced in her current position at Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway.

In this role she  works with the Nurse-Family Partnership Program, a program initially developed in Denver, Colorado. This is a follow-up program for women with the complex challenges of becoming a mother for the first time. In Australia, Nurse-family Partnership (ANFPP) is offered to first time mothers and families of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

In Norway,  Marte Meo video guidance is provided to all to all families involved in the program, focusing on strengths and opportunities in the parent-child interactions. Kristin contributes with training and guidance to the family nurses in video interaction analysis and family interaction.

About the Seminar

Kristin will give you an introduction to Nurse-Family Partnership, from the start in Denver Colorado in the 90s, and the development to many countries around the world, including here in Australia. She  will present how the program has been implemented in Norway in general, but focusing specifically how they offer interaction guidance to families using video and Marte Meo principles of following and leading the child. This seminar will be of interest to people specifically working with the Nurse Family Partnership Program, and also to people who are interested in Marte Meo more broadly, hearing about how it is used with parents and young children. Kristin will use video to show the use of Marte Meo.

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