Circle of Security-Classroom Approach

Attending to Attachment in Early Care

Presented by Deidre Quinlan, COS Classroom Approach Co-developer

Because babies are hard wired to be social creatures, it is literally unbearable for a human being to not feel, in some way, connected to others. We all learn behavior strategies to help us feel a connection with others, and to protect ourselves from isolation. In this presentation, participants will explore early relational health, and the long-term implications, through the lens of the Circle of Security®.

We’ll consider how behaviors feel from the inside, not just how they look from the outside, so that we can better understand how our own feelings and behaviors impact our relationships with children, and how children depend on relationships with caring adults to grow and develop. In particular, we will consider the importance of first relationships in group care settings and how the COS Classroom Approach is making a difference.
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