Infant Mental Health Awareness Week


10-16th June 2019

In 2019, AAIMHI will join with the UK in promoting an awareness of infant mental health during the week of 10-16 June.

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week
was first launched in Australia in June 2017 by the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health Incorporated. It was timed to align with the Infant Mental Health Awareness Week to be held in the UK in the same week, 12-16 June, 2017.

The inaugural Infant Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK was in 2016 when the charity Parent Infant Partnership (PIP) UK set out to raise a greater understanding for policy makers, professionals and parents about why giving every baby the best possible start in life matters to the life chances of children and families. At the 2016 UK launch, Clair Rees (PIP) emphasised that “Good mental health begins in early childhood. When a baby has the opportunity to form a secure bond with their parent or caregiver, this can support their potential and ability to form healthy relationships throughout life”. Research evidence now confirms a direct link between difficulties in infant parent-child bonding or attachment and psychiatric disorders in later life.

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Members and organisations are encouraged to organise events during Infant Mental Health Awareness Week. Please email information about your event to so that it can be included in the Events Calendar on the website.

Please Note: Any external events are advertised for the interest of the AAIMH Membership and the community, but their inclusion in the calendar does not necessarily infer endorsement by AAIMH.