Promote Infant Mental Health Awareness Week

You can download the following free resources and promote Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 with the people around you.

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 Posters

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Letter from your baby by Andrew Roberts

What is Infant mental Health?

All in the MindHow to care for Infant Mental Health, a podcast with Lynne Malcolm interviewing Prof Louise Newman, Sally Watson (former President, AAIMH) and Kathy (mother to Tomas) from May 2016

AAIMH Position Paper “Responding to your baby’s cues” 

Others AAIMH Position Papers are available here

“Mothering from the Inside Out” theoretical and clinical foundations. Nancy Suchman’s webcast 2018.

How Brains are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development

Starting Smart – how early experiences affect brain development

Zero to Three - Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health 'The foundation of all future development'