Key Issues

AAIMH plays an important advocacy role for infants, young children and their families.

Media Releases

AAIMH will respond to current issues by writing and distributing Media Releases to broaden the understanding by stakeholders, policy makers and the community of the  importance of healthy social and emotional development of infants in Australia.

Position Statements and Guidelines

AAIMH Position Statements and Guidelines:

  • provide a strong voice on infant mental health issues in the media and with government and policy makers
  • inform and support infant mental health professionals and parents
  • raise the importance of infant mental health in the community
  • inform government policies and funding decisions


AAIMH Submissions may be a response to a government inquiry or an issue that AAIMH considers important to raise public awareness. Submissions provide advocacy for the rights of infants and young children and educate others about the importance of infant mental health.