Our Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities 2021 - 2024

The needs of every infant and young child from before birth to age three are prioritised and addressed in a timely and responsive way to enhance their relationships and their mental health and wellbeing.

Our Mission is to work for all infants and young children from pre birth to age three to ensure their social, emotional and developmental needs are met through stable and nurturing relationships within their family, culture and communities.

In order to achieve our Mission, AAIMH will:

1. Improve professional and public recognition, advocate in the interests of infant mental health wellbeing, liaise with affiliated and internal colleagues.

2. Educate members and other professionals who work with infants and their families. Promote and disseminate research and evidence based prevention of mental disorder.

3. Develop professional competencies, standards and recognition.

4. Enhance good governance.

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Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024

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