Who can join AAIMH?

AAIMH welcomes individual membership applications from the diverse range of professionals who are working (or intend to work) with infants, young children and their families from pregnancy to early childhood, as well as those providing teaching, involved in research or developing policies to support healthy social and emotional wellbeing of infants and young children. Students who are studying towards these professions are also encouraged to join AAIMH.

AAIMH welcomes organisational membership (introduced in 2020) for those whose work encompasses the social and emotional well being/mental health of infants, young children and their families (from pregnancy to early childhood) and organisations with a focus on advocacy, education, teaching, research, and policy development which supports healthy social and emotional wellbeing of infants and young children in their communities. AAIMH will shortly expand Organisational membership to a broader range of Organisations. 

Benefits of AAIMH membership

Membership benefits include the following:

  • Access to members-only sections of the AAIMH website which includes links to infant mental health publications
  • Invitation to join AAIMH Members Network - online forum (Google Group)
  • Discounted rates1 at events sponsored or supported by AAIMH
  • Networking opportunities with those interested in infant mental health
  • Opportunities to advocate for infants at national level
  • Early notification of events

1Discounted rates for Organisational Memberships, are based on the size of the organisation and membership fee:

  • Small organisations (0-30 employees) receive 1 reduced fee place at events
  • Medium organisations (31-60 employees) receive 2 reduced fee places at events
  • Large organisations (more than 60 employees) receive 3 reduced fee places at events

New members are always welcome. Please read 'How to Join' and submit an application for membership.

Please note:
Membership of AAIMH does not include membership of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH). However, we do encourage you to join WAIMH using their online membership.