Media Releases

One of AAIMH’s primary aims is to broaden the understanding by stakeholders, policy makers and the community of the importance of healthy social and emotional development of infants (during pregnancy to three years of age) in Australia.

AAIMH will respond to current issues by writing and distributing Media Releases that reinforce these messages:

  • In their first years of life, children rapidly develop the social and emotional capabilities that prepare them to be self-confident, trusting, empathetic, intellectually inquisitive, communicative, and enable them to relate well to others.
  • The first three years of life are critical to development. Research has shown that early experiences within an infant’s nurturing relationships play a crucial role in the development of their social and emotional health and well-being.
  • Active participation in positive learning environments influences the ability of infants to understand and cope with the world around them, and is vital to good mental and emotional well-being in infancy and later in life.

AAIMH's Media Releases

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