AAIMH Vic Presents:

The First 1001 Days


In this upcoming infant mental health awareness week, the infant mental health community is invited to watch the film 'The First 1001 days'.

Through the WAIMH Congress in Brisbane in 2021, it was my honour to meet a group of the women working with mothers and their infants in the township of Alexandra, in South Africa, and two British women involved with making the film 1001 Days. 

Inspired by their endeavours, I was delighted and proud when AAIMH(Vic) agreed to use some of AAIMH(Vic) philanthropy funds, to help toward the costs of completing this important documentary. 

I hope you will feel proud too as you watch and that your important work will be encouraged and inspired by the brave and creative work being done with and for infants and their caregivers in Alexandra.

- Julie Stone


In Alexandra, South Africa, where two thirds of the women are abuse survivors, a group of mothers are on a mission to change the fate of their neighbourhood, right from the beginning.

Through a series of intimate, and at times, uncomfortable, conversations, 1001 DAYS takes the audience on a journey. Through the chaotic and narrow streets of Alexandra, we follow the fearless and charismatic health-workers Zanele, Thandiwe and Khosi. They are three mothers from the heart of the community, who doggedly support hundreds of new mothers, during some of their happiest–and lowest–moments. Their aim: to help new mothers during the first 1001 days of their babies' lives, which are the most critical in any human’s life.

Watch a preview on the official 1001 Days website - 1001 DAYS (1001daysmovie.com)


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Ticket sales until 15th July 2024.

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