Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 

Week 10th-16th June 2024

Speak up for babies


What is Infant Mental Health Awareness Week?
Infant Mental Health Awareness Week (IMHAW) provides an annual opportunity to discuss the importance of supporting babies’ mental health and wellbeing.The Parent-Infant Foundation has supported Infant Mental Health Awareness Week for eight years, during which time it has grown into a global event.This year, because it is a general election year in the UK, the focus is on raising awareness among political candidates.


Building a Relationship with your Baby Matters (3-minute video) by Dr Victoria Carter, Dr Naomi Thomas and animated by Jerrica Kuan.

The animation video shows the benefits of building early relationships with infants on their later development and sense of security with their caregivers. The video aims to illustrate that shared moments of connection and enjoyment between babies and caregivers in play creates an internal roadmap for the child that being with my parent feels good and they will help me. This is one important part (of many) of setting up the foundations of trust in their relationship with their parent. As shown in the animation, it can continue into the child’s future and help them navigate the challenges that comes with adolescence and growing up.

The video is FREE to download and is designed for parents, caregivers, foster carers, educators, clinicians, professionals, and infant mental health training providers to use in IMHAW and as an ongoing resource for families.”

IMHAW resources for Clinicians and Professionals:

For Parents and Consumers:

  • Animation: Building a Relationship with your Baby Matters (3-minute video) by Dr Victoria Carter, Dr Naomi Thomas and animated by Jerrica Kuan

Thank you to the voluntary contribution made by the hardworking IMHAW AAIMH Subcommittee for 2024: Victoria Carter, Naomi Thomas, Valerie Aylesbury, Timothy Packham, Caroline Diamond, and Stacey Butcher. All resources developed have been approved by National AAIMH Board.

What can you do to celebrate IMHAW2024?

  • Host a morning tea within your workplace
  • Display IMHAW2024 posters and include the IMHAW2024 banner in your email signature
  • Share posts on social media promoting IMHAW2024 and the important work you are doing by including #IMHAW2024 in your post
  • Talk about infants in your line of work professionally or personally
  • Talk to politicians and policymakers about matters important to infants

Download the Speak Up for Babies - UK stakeholder communications pack.

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