Ann Morgan Prize information

As a creative pioneer in the field of infant mental health, Dr Ann Morgan provided immense support and leadership for those working with troubled infants and their families. She was a passionate advocate for infants and parents, providing transformational interventions for them and inspiration for her colleagues.

To honour Dr Ann Morgan’s contribution to the infant mental health field, AAIMHI Victoria has established an annual writing prize, the Ann Morgan Prize. It was first inaugurated in 2010 as a way of honouring Ann when she retired from her official role on the AAIMHI (Vic) committee as Vice- President.

Ann’s clear, compassionate and courageous thinking about the infant and her experience within the family and the world has inspired and enriched the clinical work of many. She touched the lives of infants, parents and colleagues who were fortunate enough to meet her face to face.

The Ann Morgan Prize was created to invite contributions that would illuminate something about the infant’s experience and also to be a forum for creative writing not bound by the rules and restrictions defining many professional publications. The invitation to submit is extended to all members of the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health.

Previous winners 
2022 Carolyn Leach-Paholski. Highly commended awarded to Meg Mooney
2021 Katia Ariel (Vic)
2020 Debra Burchell (Vic)
2019 Anne Sved Williams (SA)
2018 Nola Henry (Vic)
2017 Simone Wedgwood (WA). Highly commended awarded to Dr Julie Stone (Vic)
2016 Lauren Porter (Qld)
2015 Heather Warne (SA)
2014 Michele Meehan (Vic). Highly commended awarded to Neil Underwood (SA)
2013 Margaret Dugdale (Vic). Highly commended awarded to Sophia Xeros-Constantinides (Vic)
2012 Joanne MacDonald (WA)
2011 Judy Corum (Vic)
2010 Fiona McGlade (Vic) and Sophia Xeros-Constantinides (Vic) - Joint Winners

AAIMHI MEMBERS can view videos of the 2015 and 2016 award presentations. Please log into the MEMBERS AREA.

Or read the award pieces in the AAIMHI newsletters:
2022 Carolyn Leach-Paholski - 'Laughing at Li Po's Cat'
Highly commended - Meg Mooney  - 'Going back to the beginning'
2021 Katia Ariel (Vic) - 'The cave'  
Honorable Mention - Saanjana Kapoor (Vic)
2020 Debra Burchell (Vic) 'Lost in a dust storm'
2019 Anne Sved Williams “Words I never heard”
2018 Nola Henry (Vic)
2017 Simone Wedgwood  'Where are you baby?'
2016 Lauren Porter  (not yet available in print)
2015 Heather Warne 'A baby in the neonatal intensive care unit'
2014 Michele Meehan 'The Hall of Mirrors'
2013 Margaret Dugdale 'Love in a Lunch Box: A true story'
2012 Joanne MacDonald 'The world at his fingertips'
2011 Judy Corum 'The Free Baby'
2010 Fiona McGlade 'A baby in the neonatal intensive care unit'
2010 Sophia Xeros-Constantinides 'The intergenerational legacy'

 Updated 17/05/23