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The AMBIANCE-Brief Training

4 Day Training Workshop

Date: Oct 29/30 & Nov 5/6 2021
Time: 8am – 1pm AEST
Cost: $400 USD
Location: Online

What is the AMBIANCE measure?
The Atypical Maternal Behaviour Instrument for Assessment and Classification (Bronfman, Madigan, & Lyons-Ruth, 2009), is an observational tool anchored in attachment research that screens for potential disrupted parenting behaviors linked to disorganized attachment. The AMBIANCE-brief (Madigan, Bronfman, & Lyons-Ruth, 2018) is a condensed version of the full instrument that can be used in clinical and community settings.

Why is this measure important?
The AMBIANCE-brief possesses strong psychometric properties. The tool focuses on the most salient indicators of problematic parenting behavior, and can predict infantparent disorganized attachment. This practical and empirically-supported observational assessment tool can contribute important information to family assessments and intervention planning.

Training led by Dr. Sheri Madigan, R.Psych, University of Calgary
For more information or to register, please contact Sheri Madigan:
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Updated 9 Nov 2022