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AAIMH WA Seminar Series

The AAIMH WA Seminars are now aligned to specific competencies from the AAIMH Competency Guidelines®.

The seminars are held on a bimonthly basis and follow a developmental pathway to build skills progressively across the core areas of knowledge, skills and practice in Infant Mental Health.

Seminars commence at 6pm (with refreshments prior to seminar, from 5.30pm) and are held at:

The Boulevard Centre
Floreat Forum

99 The Boulevard
Floreat WA 6014

The seminars are also available to rural professionals via videoconference. Information about how to join the videoconference can be found on the seminar flyers.

2020 Seminars

Thursday 11 June - Online webinar 

Powerpoint presentation available to download here

Presenter: Professor Evalotte Mörelius, specialist in Paediatric and Neonatal Nursing, Professor of Nursing (Children and Young People) at Perth Children's Hospital and Edith Cowan University

'How the early-life environment affects the development of our stress system'
Professor Mörelius will explore how our early-life environment affects the development of our stress system. Parental closeness, a sense of security, emotional availability and nourishment support the development of a healthy stress system, while long-term sickness, pain and stressful emotional environment may impact it negatively. As a way of example, this lecture will focus on the preterm infant in neonatal intensive care.

AAIMH Competencies addressed: Theoretical Foundations: Attachment, Separation, Trauma & Loss. Disorders of Infancy / Early Childhood

Past Seminars

Thursday 20 February - First seminar for 2020

the Hon Alana Clohesy MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health; Mental Health, who will provide an update on the State Government's perspective on perinatal and infant mental health, and
Ms Louise Lamont, Executive Officer, Phoenix Support & Advocacy Service (main presenter): 'Infant mental health and self regulation'
Louise's presentation will highlight the key components of self-regulation as developed by Canadian neuroscientist Dr Stuart Shanker. This framework is helpful for understanding the impact of stressors (often hidden) in infancy and childhood on an infant or child's ability to regulate.

2019 Seminars

21st November 2019  - Final seminar for 2019
"Churchill Fellowship: Forest Kindergartens and the use of nature in Paediatric Therapy" Presented by Griffin Longley.

8th August 2019
Dr Raffaella Salvo presented on 'High risk infants - promoting infant mental health in the child protection system.'

For presentation slides, click here


13th June 2019
Lorraine Rose will present a seminar on 'Learning to Love: Normal Developmental Processes.'

See Lorraine Rose's slides on Normal Development here
and Early Primitive Processes - the baby in us  here

16th May 2019
Anne Alvarez will join us via video-conference to present 'Developmentally-Informed Psychotherapy of Autism'. 

21st February 2019
Anne Buist will join us vis video-conference to present 'mother-infant forensic psychiatry: the good, bad and the ugly'.

See Professor Anne Buist's powerpoint slides here

Training events

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