Endorsement Application System (EASy) 

AAIMH WA members are invited to register and apply for Endorsement online using the Endorsement Application System (EASy).

Before you start, make sure you have:


First year of the pilot stage of AAIMH WA Endorsement®

While we are building AAIMH WA's capacity during this first year of the pilot stage of endorsement, there is a cap on applications.
We will accept a total of 20 applications in 2020:
- 10 for the combined categories of Infant Family Worker (IFW) and  Infant Family Practitioner (IFP), and
- 10  for the combined categories of Infant Mental Health Practitioner (IMHP) and Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMHM)

Application submission deadlines for 2020

Categories Infant Mental Health Practitioner (IMHP) and Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMHM): applications need to be submitted by Tuesday 16 June 2020  to be considered for the exam on 3 September 

Categories Infant Family Worker (IFW) and  Infant Family Practitioner (IFP):
Applications need to be submitted by  Tuesday 6 October 2020. There is no exam for these categories.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your application or using EASy, please contact the Endorsement Coordinator at

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