Steps To Endorsement

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1. Registration

Registration is the first step in the endorsement process.

Make sure to review the Categories of Endorsement and the AAIMH Competency Guidelines® to determine which category is the best fit for you.

To register:

  1. Become an AAIMH WA member.

  2. Go to the Register and apply online (EASy) page

  3. Click on the link 'Endorsement Application System (EASy)' to open the system, and select  'Register'.

Registration tips

  • We strongly recommend using your personal email when you register on the Endorsement Application System (EASy).

    The emails from EASy can end up in Junk or Spam folders when using your work email, or be blocked by your organisation's firewall.

  • We also recommend adding the following email address to your contacts list:

  • Click the 'SAVE' button on the screen after you upload your cv/resume to ensure it is retained.

  • Please pay the Registration Fee of $50 (through direct bank deposit or with your credit/debit card using Stripe) at the time of submission.

  • Your registration will be complete once we have verified your AAIMH WA membership and your fee payment has been received.

  • We will email you if we have questions and to let you know once your Registration is approved.

  • Our goal is to process Registrations within 7 days. However, depending on the volume, it may take 10 days for AAIMH WA to complete your initial Registration review.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration, please contact the endorsement coordinator at

2. Preparing and submitting your application 


Read the following documents to prepare the information you need for your application:

IMPORTANT: please read the IMH Competency Guidelines in conjunction with the 2022 changes to requirements for IMH Endorsement.  

Obtaining three references

You will need to obtain references from at least three referees, including: 

  • a programme supervisor (the person to whom you currently report)
  • the person who provides reflective supervision [for the categories of Infant Family Practitioner (IFP), Infant Mental Health Practitioner (IMHP) and  Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMHM)]

  • a supervisee (if you provide reflective supervision/consultation to others)


  • a colleague, teacher, trainer and/or other who is familiar with your work as it relates to the competencies.

The reference forms for each category are available to download on the Endorsement Resources page.

For the categories of IFP, IMHP and IMHM, at least one reference must be from someone who meets the Endorsement® requirements in the categories IFP, IMHP or IMHM or is familiar with the Competency Guidelines® and 'vetted' by AAIMH WA. (Go to 'Reflective Supervision' for information about 'vetting' (authorising) providers of reflective supervision.)

Submitting information for your application

  • You can start submitting your information once you have received our email advising that your Registration is approved.

  • Enter your information on EASy. Each section has clear information to guide you throughout the process.
  • There is no time limit to complete your application. On average, you will need about 6 weeks and most applicants take up to one year or longer.

  • When your information is complete and you are ready to submit it to be reviewed, pay the application processing fee for your category:
  • Application Processing Fees (September 2022):

- Infant Family Worker (IFW): $50
- Infant Family Practitioner (IFP): $100
- Infant Mental Health Practitioner (IMHP): $300
- Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMHM): $400

  • Deadlines: no deadlines have been set for 2023. Please contact if you are interested in becoming IMH-endorsed. 

What happens after you submit your application?

All applications are carefully reviewed by two trained reviewers who have earned IMH Endorsement®.  

After examining your transcripts, the reference forms, and your lists of specialised work, in-service training, and reflective supervision/consultation experience (if required for your category), each reviewer will make recommendations to:

  • endorse you


  • if you are applying to be endorsed as IMH Practitioner or IMH Mentor: invite you to sit for the endorsement exam


  • suggest that you pursue further training and/or reflective supervision, and be re-reviewed after a period of time.

Timeframe for feedback on your application:

AAIMH WA endeavours to give you feedback within 6 weeks of the submission deadline on whether:

  • your application has been approved for endorsement (for the IFW and IFP categories), or
  • you are invited to do the exam (for the IMHP and IMHM categories).

If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration or application, please contact the endorsement coordinator at

We look forward to supporting you on your path to endorsement.