2022 AAIMH National Conference

ACT Event

Dr Anna Huber
Families in Mind Psychology
Title: The First 1000 Days - Challenges and Opportunities

Anna will give an overview of the range of evidence which tells us how and why the first 1000 days from conception to 2 years plays a crucial role in setting up the developmental pathway for an infant. The rapid development of brain and body systems and both the prenatal and postnatal environments in which these occur, are central to the formation of human capacity for better or worse. This period also brings opportunities to support and intervene to improve outcomes, especially when risk factors predict a poor trajectory. Knowing where to intervene and what types of intervention are likely to be most effective prenatally and postnatally will also be highlighted.

A recording of Dr Anna Huber’s presentation will be made available to AAIMH ACT Branch Members for AAIMH National Conference 18th -21st November 2022.

Speaker Bio
Dr Anna Huber is a Canberra-based psychologist, infant and early childhood mental health practitioner. She led the development of a community-based infant and early childhood mental health service from 2005-2012 and was a pioneer in the use of attachment-based Circle of Security (COS) interventions in Australia. Now working in private practice with families of infants and young children, Anna also provides supervision, consultation and training in Australia and New Zealand.

Anna conducted her doctoral research though Macquarie University, (Sydney Australia), on the effectiveness of the intensive Circle of Security intervention in a community based clinical population. Subsequently, as an honorary fellow with Macquarie University Centre for Emotional Health, and as inaugural chair of Healthy Attachment Australia New Zealand she continued her involvement in real world research and evaluation.

Anna is a past president of the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health (2011-2014) and co-founded the ACT branch of AAIMH in 2009 and continues to serve on its local executive committee. She is also a board member of the World Association for Infant Mental Health since 2014 and represents Affiliated IMH organisations from around the world on the WAIMH board.

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